Review: Star Wars Adventures 28 & 29 Ghosts of Kashyyyk Part 2 & 3

Creators: John Barber : Writer, Derek Charm: Artist & Colorist, Letterer: Jake M. Wood

In the second part of this arc, Chewie engages in fierce battle with the First Order. The deep woods is Chewies territory and he is in his natural element. It’s quite entertaining seeing Chewbacca in charge of a tactical mission alongsidr his Porg buddy, who bring a lot of fun moments.

The secondary story in this book Secret Agent Droids, R2 and C-3PO work with a young girl to disrupt a communications station the First Order created to block signal transmissions across the galaxy. The two droids help the young girl solidify her plans. C-3PO’s natural cautious state allows the trio to plan better tactical maneuvers.

Creators: John Barber: Writer, Derek Charm : Artist, Jake M. Wood: Letterer

This final issue of the Ghosts of Kashyyyk is a fun ride, especially for Porg fans. Chewie works in conjunction with his Porg friends to reach the First Order prison encampment and free his captive friends and family. The art team continues to bring the cute with their Porg moments and the script does a good job of laying out the story despite the lack of dialogue.

Secret Agent Droids also concludes this issue as we see the culmination of the droids mission against the First Order and the addition of a valuable asset to the Resistance.

It was fun to read an adventure with the droids and meet some new alien species and planets. Both stories in these issues have done a good job of giving us some insight to the state of the larger galaxy, leading up to The Rise of Skywalker.