The Resistance Needs Help From the Aces in Latest Star Wars Resistance Preview

Images and a preview video from this week’s upcoming episode of Star Wars Resistance have arrived; revealing a returning character and iconic planet.

Star Wars Resistance is nearing the end of its second, and final season. As proved with last week’s hour-long special, things are heating up in terms of story. Disney has released images and a video preview from the next episode which will see the Aces and survivors of the Colossus delve deeper into the fight against the First Order:

As you can see, Venisa Doza makes her return this episode! She appeared earlier in this season (on one of my favorite episodes so far), so it’s great to see her making a return. After all, there’s a definite dearth of mothers in the Star Wars galaxy, so seeing Torra getting the chance to interact with hers is nice. It’s also great to see Dantooine get some love once again!

In “Rebuilding the Resistance,” Venisa Doza asks for help from Doza and the Aces: Resistance recruits need an escort getting off of Dantooine. Unfortunately Tam is assigned to destroy the recruits.

The new episode airs this Sunday (the 19th) and fans can watch it starting at 12:01 am on the DisneyNOW app and Disney Channel VOD.