What We Learned In Star Wars: Allegiance

SW Allegiance No 1 Cover

Journey To Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker - Allegiance

Creators: Ethan Sacks: Writer, Luke Ross: Artist, Lee Loughridge: Colorist, Marco Checchetto: Cover Artist.

Since the new canon took effect in 2015 it has awarded the Star Wars franchise a very unique opportunity. Starting with The Force Awakens a series of books and comics have been released giving information about the events and characters in the upcoming films. I have loved reading all the stories and began collecting them. 

My excitement for Star Wars: Allegiance was high because it is a glimpse of events after Episode 8. I was looking for some fantastic stories in the four issue series, and possibly some hints at what is to come in Episode 9. Unfortunately I found the entire series lacking, though the art was spectacular.

The Good

Ross &  Loughridge do an amazing job on the art in the entire series, and Checchetto’s covers are stunning.

I enjoyed the new planets showcased throughout the series, they are more varied than anything we have gotten on screen and I hope at least one of them makes it into Episode 9. At the opening of the series, we see our main leads paired up but also apart. Poe and Finn are on an asteroid seeking to get weapons for the Resistance. Rey and Rose are with General Leia on the trash planet Anoat. Leia decides to go on a mission to Mon Cala to not only bring news of Admiral Ackbar’s demise but to ask for further support for the Resistance. It doesn’t go well.

I loved seeing the ladies on a mission together. It makes me very hopeful to see onscreen bonding with Rose and Rey.  The complete story of this series goes back and forth between the two locations and the two groups.

The Struggle

What disappointed me most is that it gives us zero information. Other comics and books in the Journey To series have given us insights into characters or debuted new info.  Allegiance gives us very little. Leia’s return to Mon Cala should have had an emotional impact, but instead it fizzles. The disrespect she experiences at her arrival makes little sense.

Rey does some really impressive things which are stunning visually, but she also has a quickfire temper that gets them into trouble. This isn’t really in character with who she has been portrayed in the past. Her quick temper might be a tip at the darkness she will dip into in The Rise of Skywalker, but it lacks context. Rey’s presence should have her being supportive to Leia instead she ends up endangering the whole mission.

The First Order in this series is really non existent. There are a few panels with Kylo basically saying destroy them all, and Hux gets a tip off to where Leia and Rey are.

Poe and Finn’s story was disappointing as the fundamental catalyst of their arc is that Finn gets recognized by a bounty hunter while on his mission with Poe. It’s ridiculous that after the events in The Last Jedi, that Finn would not be wearing some type of disguise while traveling. Especially since in one of the several times Poe rescues him, Poe is wearing a head to toe disguise. And like with Rey and Rose there is no new character information or even a strong representation of either character.

This whole series feels like a filler, almost like an obligation. I feel the secrecy around the series finale must have lead creators to have very little information to work with. I wish they would have been given at least some content to reveal to make the story arc more enjoyable. If you are a die hard collector, you probably still want to have this story in your collection, but I recommend getting the trade paperback and waiting for it to be on sale.