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Partial cover of Victory's Price Alphabet Squadron

Victory’s Price: A Climactic Finale to an Exciting Ride

Alphabet Squadron: Victory’s Priceby Alexander FreedReview by Matthew Boccia Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron trilogy concludes with Victory’s Price, the latest addition to the line of Star Wars novels filling in the gaps between the events of the films. The series has been a fantastic look at the complexities of fighting during the tail-end of a… Continue Reading →

Welcome to SWRepMatters.com

By Jess Shitara If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably heard a little bit about #SWRepMatters. In essence, we are a grassroots campaign advocating for representation and inclusion for marginalized groups in entertainment. We love fictional media, namely Star Wars, and we want that far, far away galaxy to be better. We want it to… Continue Reading →

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