Black Lives Matter

By Wakandan Sith Witch

Hello Rebels,

We know it has been a long time since we have had the honor to engage with the Star Wars community. An unplanned, but much-needed hiatus pulled us away, we have had the pleasure of seeing how the fandom has grown and evolved since TRoS, and we are happy to return and bring some positivity and light to all supporters, new and old, who believe in the overall message that representation matters in a galaxy, far, far away.

While Star Wars is our passion, we must acknowledge that there are real-world issues that demand our attention and continued support. We want to inform you that all of us firmly believe that Black Lives Matter, including Black Trans Lives, and Black Women Lives, and that systemic racism has denied, and continues to deny, justice to and perpetuate violence against black communities.

We know that these are dark times and that it may be necessary to escape into a fantasy world where the message of Hope is the thread that holds the entire franchise together. However, while we escape, Black lives are being taken every day. Let’s not bury our heads. There are many ways to help, and the journey of being anti-racist is lifelong but here are a few places you can start:

Ways To HelpWays To Help WAYS TO HELP

We will continue to share resources and aid funds.

There are many ways to educate yourself on the reality Black folks have been living in for hundreds of years, and the ways we can dismantle the systems that keep the status quo. Here at #swrepmatters, we talk about representation and inclusion in media, but that means nothing if the white supremacist system of Hollywood and celebrity worship continues to exist as is. We must reckon with this reality and fight for our place in media.

We acknowledge this response was delayed, but we wanted to provide the space and time for those on the crew to take action individually before we came back together after a hiatus to move forward collectively. Our mission is to always center marginalized voices first, and we will continue to do so as we begin our commentary once more.

We also acknowledge that we are still in a global pandemic, where Covid-19 disproportionately affects Black and brown people. The leadership in the U.S. has failed us. This is, again, a symptom of the system, the status quo, that we will continue to dismantle.

Our fight is for representation and inclusion in an industry that is part of a white supremacist system, that ultimately shapes and influences how many of us see ourselves and others is not a solitary endeavor. It is a part of the bigger picture of breaking down all systems of oppression. So we are ready to continue uplifting marginalized voices and hope that you continue to do the same. There are many marginalized voices that have been fighting this fight for decades and we need to learn from their expertise and honor their wisdom, as well as cultivate and uplift a new generation of leadership and activism.

#BLM Book Resources:
Left Bank – BLM Reading List




Black Mental Health MattersResources for mental health



Donate to Black Trans Orgs Today!Split a donation to all the Black Trans groups listed on this page OR allocate specific amounts to individual groups. Then be sure to share…ActBlue ACTBLUE

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