Review: Age Of Resistance Poe Dameron

By Yogi Kai

Tom Taylor: Story, Ramon Rosanas: Art, GURU-eFX: Colors, Travis Lanham: Lettering, Phil Noto: Cover Artist

I belong to the stars”  Poe has a touch of the dramatic in him. These first words are uttered by Poe as he stares longingly out to space, a soldier without a mission.

This story is set before the events of The Force Awakens. Poe is a Republic pilot on the Space Station Brooksdion. He is bored and thus reflecting on why he needs to be out in the galaxy when an alarm summons his squad into action.

A bold thief has boarded the station and stolen the head of an admiral’s protocol droid. Poe’s squad is quickly on the chase. When the thief enters an asteroid field, Poe orders his team to fall back while he enters the field in pursuit.

The visuals in this story really immerse the reader in the dangers of the asteroids. Bold reds and blacks against the backdrop of one lone X-wing, set an ominous mood. Poe is calm in the midst of the danger until he  almost pays the price for his rash action. It takes skillful flying and the navigational advice from the ship he is pursuing to get Poe safely to the other side of the asteroid field.

Like all the books in the  Age Of Resistance series this story is tied up in one issue. It fits nicely with the character arc we see Poe experience in Episodes 7 & 8. I really enjoyed seeing a bit of banter between Poe and the rest of his Rapier Squadron.

I’m so pleased that all the diverse characters in the new trilogy have gotten their own standalone one shots,  or cameo appearances. Some have even appeared in more than one story, like the mysterious thief  in Poe’s story. This book really is a solid blend of excellent art and story. I especially enjoyed Taylor’s script. He really captured the essence of Poe’s on screen personality.

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